Comprehensive School Plan

Noyes Elementary School SY2019-20 Comprehensive School Plan


DCPS Mission Statement:

Ensure that every school guarantees students reach their full potential through rigorous and joyful learning experiences provided in a nurturing environment.

School Vision:

All students realize their full potential and excel in their communities as citizens, scholars, artists, and/or activist

School Mission:

At Noyes Elementary School, we strive to develop the whole child as excellent models in their communities by building partnerships with stakeholders, providing opportunities for artistic expression, allowing time and space for social and emotional development, providing abundant enrichment experiences and engaging in rigorous and relevant learning experiences each day

CSP Overview



Noyes ES, Principal Kermit Burks


All students realize their full potential and excel in their communities as citizens, scholars, artists, and/or activist.






Vision and Outcomes

All to almost all students make at least one grade level progress from the beginning to the end of the school year each year in the ELA.

Stakeholders feel welcomed and are genuinely eager/motivated to interact with the school so that the school vision may be realized.


Students are consistently afforded understanding, nurturing, and compassion from all Noyes ES staff members


Noyes is a place where collaborative decision making is valued and respected in almost all instances of major decisions as various stakeholders are provided ample opportunities to have their voices heard.

What does it look like?

We will plan our professional development for teachers targeted at literacy skills and small group instruction.

We will work to intentionally build vocabulary, academic language, and content knowledge in all learners.

We will build and sustain a community of learners that love reading.

We will leverage goal teams to activate parents to engage in school activities. We will organize, strengthen, maintain existing partnerships and recruit new organizations to support Noyes.

School wide second step message read by principal daily. Use of second step material to support all social emotional needs. Utilize Second Step and morning meetings as tier one SEL supports throughout the school.

We will leverage professional learning communities to provide professional development that is aligned with staff idenitified needs. We will establish time and space for staff members to develop professional develop and share with school. We will review academic and social emotional learning data points to identify gaps in data and address them.

 Why we are committed Noyes has seen experienced some levels of success in terms of growth as measured by end of year summative assessments. However, a large majority of students remain significantly below grade level in the area of ELA. Almost all data points indicate that students two and three levels below grade level are not making a years' worth of progress consistently.

In order for Noyes Elementary School to reach its full potential and carry out its vision we must have various parents and other stakeholder to become more involved in the process of education the students. Over the course of the last several years participation from stakeholders has been glaringly low with regards to academic progress.

Currently less than 80% of students choose to reenroll at Noyes from one school year to the next school year. Additionally, on the spring panorama survey, 54% of students indicated that they felt loved, challenged, and prepared

 Based on staff survey, teachers do not feel that they are receiving good professional development that can assist them in making students better